Man stung a thousand times by bees rescued twice by firefighters

Jose Rojas was stung nearly a thousand times by bees

His arms, hands, head and even mouth are covered with dark colored scabs, bumps and open wounds.

"It's something I wouldn't want anyone else to go through," Jose Rojas said.

The injuries are from a bee attack so vicious that it left him thinking that he could die.

"It was something like a lot of needles just going through your body, your head, your hands," he said.

One minute Jose is on a tractor clearing out brush off Chapman Road in rural San Benito, the next, he's on the ground covered in bees.

"I think over a thousand because I was killing them as they were getting me," he explained. "I was fighting. I was eating some. I couldn't talk so I had to eat them to warn the person to call 9-1-1."

Just telling the story of last Wednesday's attack and 2-day hospitalization causes Jose to show signs of fear.

"My guts inside feel weird," he said. "Sometimes I feel dizzy."

You can only imagine how he feels knowing that his tractor is still at the job site.

He's unemployed and the machinery is his only source for income.

"I'm afraid cause if I get bitten again it could be worse," he said. "I've heard you could die.

Jose says the man who hired him to do the work did not offer to help him retrieve his tractor.

Instead, he allegedly tried to get Jose to sign paperwork to release him of any responsibility, according to Jose.

Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf has not yet heard back from the landowner in question after several phone messages.

Ryan also contacted the San Benito Fire Department for help.

Operations Chief Raul Zuniga immediately sent two units to the scene.

A firefighter put Jose into a bee suit and escorted him out to the tractor.

Jose looked anxious even with the protective gear on.

"I'm a little nervous but safe," he said.

Once out in the brush, Jose is able to drive the tractor off the land.

There are no more bees in the area in question.

Jose realizes he's been saved not once but twice.

"I'm real happy," he said. "I'm grateful to the San Benito Fire Department. We just don't know what we have in this country with people helping."

Got a problem that's leaving you with a sting?

One call can change it all.

"Call Channel 4 and you'll get action," Jose said.

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