Man suspected of beating wife with baseball bat to surrender

Doctors told this woman, we'll call "Melissa" she's lucky to be alive.

Melissa said I thought, I wasn TMt going to make it out alive, he told me that If I did, It would be dead."

The woman was allegedly attacked by her husband, with a baseball bat.

She claims it all started after receiving birthday greetings from friends.

"How many men are you cheating on me with.. with none I swear with none..and he continued to look at my cell phone, again and again, as I received birthday wishes, after that..there wasn't a discussion, only beatings with a baseball bat, he hit me on the head and then I got dizzy. said the woman.When officers arrived, they found a woman lying unconscious in a pool of blood, and her husband, Waldo Sanchez was nowhere to be found.She said she never thought he would go this far.

The woman said, she received 6 staples in her head, a broken arm, the other arm swollen and bruised, she claims, she is barely able to move it.

"He had already hit me many times, and threw the phone in my face, can you see my face...all purple.. and when we were in the room, he continued to hit me with the bat.. I got up and he hit me in the knees and my body folded..the beatings with the hand stopped and it was a continuous beating with the bat..and I pleaded, don't hit me anymore..don't hit me anymore" said the woman.

"Melissa" said all she could think about during the alleged beating, was her daughter, she witnessed everything.

She begged him to spare her life. According to Waldo Sanchez TMs TM attorney, Al Alvarez, Sanchez is the victim.

"She was having an affair, he caught her and he was trying to leave the house and when he was leaving the house, she attacked him with the bat." said Al Alvarez. Alvarez says Sanchez will turn himself in Wednesday morning. San Juan Police said 32-year old Sanchez is wanted to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which is a felony charge.