Man suspected of several burglaries arrested in Weslaco

An alleged serial burglar is off the streets in Weslaco

An alleged serial burglar is off the streets in Weslaco, and police believe he may be responsible for several of burglaries plaguing the city over the last 10 days.

A string of burglaries on the north side of the city of Weslaco.

Police said two of which have been linked to19-year-old Fabian Montes, who was caught on a surveillance camera at one of the homes.

However, investigators suspect Montes might be linked to other burglary cases that occurred earlier this month due to similarities.

"He gets there in a vehicle with a driver, gets off the car, [knocks on the door], no body answers, he breaks down the door, and goes in and gets any items of value as soon as possible," said Weslaco Police Officer and spokesman David Barbosa.

Detectives told Action 4 News that Montes didn't work alone, he had a getaway driver.

"We know there TMs another subject involved, but we have not identified the second subject at this time," said Officer Barbosa.

Barbosa said fortunately, no one was hurt during the burglaries.

"One of the burglaries, [he] came face to face with the victims, and that TMs when it becomes dangerous-you don't know what these guys are capable of doing, if they have any weapons," he said.

Investigators said Montes has a criminal history, and was wanted for another crime.

"We know for a fact, this individual was involved with another subject in a deadly conduct, which raises concern for us," said Officer Barbosa.

Weslaco police said that Montes and Efrian Berrones were armed with a shotgun and had threatened a victim TMs family earlier this month as well.

Police said Berrones is wanted for deadly conduct, but Montes was arrested on the 600 block of Sugarcane Drive and charged with two counts of burglary, deadly conduct, and failure to identify.

Montes is being held on a $135,000 bond.

However, police are still looking for Efrian Berrones, who is wanted for deadly conduct.

If you have any information on his whereabouts please call the Welsaco Police Department at (956) 968-8591.