Man terrorizes Harlingen family

Man terrorizes Harlingen family

It's been a frightening few weeks for a family living in Harlingen who tried to keep their distance from Brent Lee Wilson.

According to Harlingen Police, the 46-year-old's common law wife and her 2 children moved to Harlingen from McAllen and are living at an apartment off Sonesta Drive.

That's where Wilson found them and on April 1st was spotted carrying the woman's flat screen television as if to steal it.

He made a run for it apparently with her spare keys in hand, but made a return visit on April 13th.

"He assaulted her punching her in the chest and head and pushed her little boys," said Harlingen Commander Miriam Anderson.

The woman's 7 and 9 year old children were protecting their mother when Wilson is accused of pushing them to the ground.

He allegedly threatened the entire family with a knife if they went to police.

A few weeks later he was arrested for public intoxication and is also charged for the acts against his common law wife and the 2 children.

We looked into Wilson's past and he has charges of bodily injury to a family member, assault, and theft of a corpse.

He's currently held on a total of 100,000 thousand dollars bail for the new charges of burglary, assault and injury to a child.

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