Man to basketball team: Where TMs my car?

Making a three point-shot and a half court shot are not easy to do, it TMs even harder when you have only 60 seconds to do it.

This is the challenge Rio Grande City teacher Jose Solis accepted.

If I did those two shots I was going to win a Jaguar, he said.

Solis was randomly chosen to take part in a half-time contest at a Rio Grande Valley Vipers game last January.

The entire ordeal was caught on video and posted on Youtube.

Somehow Solis managed to make both shots.

"It took me four tries to make the three pointer and I ran to the half court line and shot the half court and I made that one my first try, he said. It felt incredible."

Solis was celebrating in the stands with students on a field trip when he said he was approached by the Vice President of the team.

"He told me that I had done it the wrong way, Solis said. I was supposed to be in the first two shots and so I asked him what was the purpose of the time limit? He had no answer for that."

Since then, Solis said he has had several meetings with Viper executives.

He claimed they refuse to give him the $75,000 Jaguar he was promised due to mistakes made.

"In one of the negotiating meetings they even discussed it as a perfect storm, because it was mistake after mistake after mistake," he said.

Now almost a year later, Solis is tired of waiting.

He filed a lawsuit against the owners Friday claiming the team had a breach of contract.

"I was willing to accept the quarter of the value of the brand new Jaguar and they declined," he said.

Action 4 News contacted the Vipers, in a statement they denied to comment on the case.

For now, Solis is patiently awaiting his Jaguar.

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