Man wakes up from coma, family in need of assistance

A terrible fall puts a valley man in a three week coma.

Pastor Fidencio Lopez is being treated at McAllen Medical Center, but he could be going home this week.

The problem is his wife says he's not ready to be discharged.

Ruth Lopez told us her husband's treatment has racked up over $140,000 in medical expenses, which is more than her family can afford.

"I believe in miracles. I believe in God, she said.

Ruth Lopez's husband Fidencio fell from a 16 foot ladder while painting the inside of their home back in May.

He hit the ground head first. He was rushed to McAllen Medical Center.

Doctors said Pastor Fidencio had suffered a severe brain injury and gave him a bleek prognosis

"He told me Mrs. Lopez your husband only has a 5 percent chance at life. Whether I do the surgery or not the accident is very severe. He only has a 5 percent chance of life. He's not going to make it. So I told him I will take that 5-percent," Ruth Lopez recalled.

After brain surgery, Fidencio went into a 3 week long coma. Then suddenly, Ruth said her prayers were answered-Fidencio finally woke up.

Ruth Lopez told Action 4 News, I believe this was a miracle. It TMs a miracle of God.

Doctors tells Ruth her husband will never be able to walk. His left side is paralyzed. She says Fidencio still isn't breathing or eating on his own. It TMs why she was stunned when hospital staff told her it was time to take him home.

"You don't have insurance you don TMt have medical coverage so you have to take him home. He has to be discharged," Ruth Lopez remembered.

Ruth doesn't qualify for medical assistance and needs all the help she can get. She said it's the hardest thing she's ever dealt with.

"Emotionally it TMs affected me a lot. A lot. And I feel sick, but I have to be there for my husband I have to be strong," Ruth Lopez declared.

She worries she doesn TMt have the medical supplies Fidencio needs like a hospital bed with side rails and durable medical equipment to care for him once he is home.

To make donation to the Lopez family, stop by a local Bank of America branch and with the donation made out to Priscilla Ruth Lopez.