Man wakes up, notices several stab wounds; suspect arrested

San Benito home where man was stabbed

A San Benito woman is behind bars after she stabbed a man several times at his home.

San Benito police said he might have been asleep when it happened before she got away.

Police responded to a call at a house on the 800 block of Robertson rd. at about 2 or 3 a.m.

Inside they found a male victim, who had been stabbed in the leg and three times on the back, one which punctured his lung.

Itwasn't until sunrise that the 31-year-old man woke up, and noticed he had several stab wounds throughout his body.

He rushed over to a neighbors home asking for help.

Police suspect it was 31-year-old Maria Lisa Velez that stabbed the man, however it's unclear what led to the stabbing

"Based on the little information that the investigators were able to get from the victim he stated they he didn't remember anything as far as what happened, said Det. Rogelio Banda with San Benito Police. The victim had three puncture wounds to his back, one of them was deep enough that it collapsed his lung.

Police said they have not determined what charges Velez might face since the victim has not been cooperative with the investigation.

The man is in stable condition, and the woman has been arrested but has yet to be arraigned.

The suspect and the victim were just acquaintances.

The case remains under investigation.