Man wanted for death threats against Hidalgo County sheriff

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino released the recording of the chilling calls, made to his office on September 24th 2012.

The caller identifies himself to dispatch, makes his disdain for Sheriff Lupe Trevino and Investigator Alfredo Avila very clear.

In the call Carlos Roberto Medina Cantu made, to the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs office he said,

"He has 5 minutes to answer my (expletive) phone call|Avila Investigator Avila or I will get someone to beat their (expletive) family up. It's not a threat it's a promise"

This has caused the sheriff to be on alert.

"If you listen to the recording, if you listen to the words and the tone he is extremely serious and so are we," said Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

My name is Carlos Medina Cantu, I would like to tell Guadalupe Trevino or Officer Investigator Avila, If Avila doesn't answer the phone in the next 5 minutes I will kill every (expletive) family member he you understand that, said Carlos Cantu.

Sheriff Trevino said Carlos Cantu is a gang member, with direct ties to organized crime.

He was arrested in Hidalgo County for capital murder that was eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Sherriff Trevino said it TMs time to take action before he follows through with his threats.

Tell Trevino that he is (expletive) with the wrong drug dealer, your (expletive) right do you understand that... do you understand that said Carlos Cantu.

The FBI and US Marshals are now involved making the hunt for Cantu underway.

Medina is a wanted man whom Sheriff Lupe Trevino said needs to be behind bars immediately before he causes someone harm.

The sheriff said they have received threats in the past but Cantu TMs lengthy criminal record makes him a major concern.

The sheriff said Cantu is believed to be in Mexico.