Man who threatened Sheriff Lupe Trevio found dead in Mexico

Carlos Roberto Medina // File Photo

A man who once threatened the life of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio and deputies was found dead south of the border in Reynosa.

Sheriff Trevio confirmed that Carlos Roberto Medina was found dead in Reynosa late last week.

Tamaulipas State Police could not be reached for comment but Sheriff Trevio said Medina had been murdered.

No suspects have been reported as identified or arrested in Medina's murder.

Medina reportedly fled to Mexico last year after making death threats against Sheriff Trevio and deputies investigating a crime.

The Hidalgo County man called the sheriff's 911 line where threatening call was recorded.

Sheriff Trevino said Medina was a gang member with direct ties to organized crime, who was once a "person of interest" in an aggravated kidnapping case.

Medina was once arrested in Hidalgo County for capital murder but that case was eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.