Man whose cousin was hit by car fears more kids could be hurt

Pictures from 30 years ago bring back horrible memories for Trinidad Zamora, Junior.

"Broken nose and two surgeries on my leg," he said.

Trinidad was hit by a car while jogging and nearly died at age 16.

Just recently, his 4-year-old cousin Leo was hit too in the very spot where he's standing now.

"How do you feel just being here?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"Kind of uncomfortable," he responded

It happened back on August 4th, along Rio Grande Street in San Benito.

Leo and his sister were holding hands, when the little boy darted across the street for the ice cream truck.

San Benito police did not cite the driver with any traffic violations because it was deemed an accident.

Trinidad's cousin ran out into the street, according to investigators.

But Trinidad fears there will be other kids that will do the exact same thing.

"You can't really control a kid, even a little one," he said. "They see an ice cream truck, they want candy, they want something, they're going to go and get it."

The residential street is home to Dr. Garza Elementary School, a corner store and is full of kids.

They ride bikes. They pull wagons with smaller ones in tow. And they cross the street without looking both ways for traffic as caught on tape by an Action 4 News camera on Friday afternoon.

Trinidad fears without proper safety measures by the city, his cousin, or any other child for that matter, may not survive the next accident.

"We need street signs, caution signs and speed bumps," he said.

Rio Grande Street has no speed limit signs or any other signage along either side of the road.

Trinidad says it should be a 20 mile per hour speed zone.

"I know she's doing more than 20 right now," he said while watching a car drive down the street.

He hopes to see the city change that before it's too late.

City Manager, Manuel Lara, sent Action 4 News this statement regarding the street in question:

We will look closely at Mr. Zamora TMs and his family TMs concern. I share his interest in safety for the children in that neighborhood and throughout the City. We had not been contacted about the need for signage or other safety measures there. Citizens are welcome to call us directly, or we have a very active traffic safety board that citizens can turn to for matters such as this. We investigate if traffic safety signs are needed or if we need to take it a step further and install speed bumps to physically slow down traffic. We appreciate Action 4 News bringing this potentially serious issue to our attention.

Action 4 News plans to follow up with the city in the coming days to see if any action has been taken.

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