Man with detached retina looking for help

Manuel Becerra in need of surgery

Cynthia Salazar is seven months pregnant with a boy, who she and her husband Manuel Becerra plan to name Austin.

However, couple said by the time their son is born in just two months, Becerra might be completely blind out of his left eye.

"He woke up seeing a black shadow in his eye, he thought maybe something had splashed-up in his eye or was getting an infection something of that sort, Salazar said. The next day he lost more of his vision."

A visit to the eye doctor that day revealed Becerra's astigmatism has stretched his retina so much that it detached. He said his vision is gradually getting worse.

"It's just a little scary, I TMm just worried that I already lost most of the vision on (my left) side, Becerra said. And I TMm just scared that I don't know if it's going to come back or not.

Becerra can't work in his condition and Salazar had just left her job due to the final stages of her pregnancy.

Now they're reaching out to community members on the popular social page Harlingen Facebook Estate Sale, in hopes of gathering donations for the surgery which will cost about $4,000.

"I just thought it was worth a shot, Salazar said. We've donated before in certain situations to help people out and we just hoped - we never thought we'd actually be in a situation like this - but we are. I didn't want to wait around to see if we would get approved by a program that might take a month or longer."

The couple said they've already seen a positive response from Facebook users and they're hoping they can gather the money needed within the next 24-48 hours.

If you would like to donate for Manuel Becerra's eye surgery:

Visit Harlingen Facebook Estate Page

Valley Retina Institute956-423-2100Ask for IrmaManuel Becerra's Eye Surgery Account

McAllen Surgical Specialty CenterAsk to donate to Manuel Becerra's Account