Mando Del Toro undergoes surgery and comes out optimistic

It's a voice so many people in the valley have been waiting to hear, "I'm feeling a lot better."

Just 4 days after major surgery to amputate his left leg Mando Del Toro is already planning for his future.

"I'm glad that I finally got the surgery done, now I'm able to move on with my life."

When Action 4 News first sat down with the former Weslaco Panthers football player, his days seemed numbered since he didn't have the thousands of dollars necessary to have the surgery which would stop the spread of sarcoma.

After his family, friends and complete strangers stepped in to help, the money needed was raised in just weeks and his family then turned their attention on getting him into MD Anderson in Houston.

It worked and that's where Mando is now talking to us over the phone from his hospital room.

"I just want to thank everybody who donated and I'm thankful for all the prayers."

Those donations will be used on other medical bills and a special wheelchair for Mando, but his surgery at MD Anderson is free of charge.

The hospital is covering 100% of the cost according to Mando's family.

"I was so happy that they were able to help me that much because it's a lot."

Now all Mando has to worry about is getting back on his feet. He's already looking forward to the day he can use a prosthetic leg.

"Once it heals I'll be able to get one and I'm looking forward to that."

He's also anticipating leaving the hospital to be home for Thanksgiving.

His doctor says that's exactly what he needs especially since he has even more obstacles to overcome after the cancer was found in his lungs during Friday's surgery.

"I want to be home by Thanksgiving and be with my family and see my friends."

Mando will return to Houston to start chemotherapy after Thanksgiving.