Manhunt for 3 suspects in early morning home invasion

Five armed men bursted into an Alton home early Tuesday morning, revealing those living in the home may be involved in drug trafficking.

"It is scary. I fear for our lives. I have three kid, neighbor Erika Delgado said. I had just dropped them off at school."

Alton Police Chief Enrique Sotello tells Action 4 News that officers received a call around 7:45 Tuesday morning.

The caller reported an aggravated robbery on the 1300 block of S. New Jersey Street near the intersection of 4 Mile Line and Los Ebanos.

With the help of Mission police, officers caught two of the five men involved in the robbery.

A DPS helicopter assisted in searching the area for the remaining men involved but they were nowhere to be found.

But the arrests didn't end with the intruders.

The victims are now facing charges of their own.

While searching the property investigators found five bundles of marijuana inside a car parked on their property.

"I would never suspect there would be a drug dealer close by, Delgado said.

Although Delgado says she doesn't personally know the family that lives in the ouse, she has seen a lot of cars come and go.

"I thought they were mechanics, they always have cars, fixing cars, Delgado said.

Now Delgado says she will be much more cautious of her kids playing outside.

"I thought it was a safe neighborhood but after this I don't know."