Man's leg crushed by mobile home in Raymondville

Doctors are working to save a Alton firefighter's left leg after an accident where it was crushed while helping to move a mobile in Raymondville.

It all happened at the Gateway RV & Mobile Home Park off FM 3168 in Raymondville late Wednesday afternoon.

Raymondville Fire Chief Lauro Gutierrez told Action 4 News that 32-year-old Marlowe Raymond Muoz was injured in an accident moving a mobile home.

Chief Gutierrez said Munoz's left leg was crushed under a beam from the knee to the ankle.

Firefighters used the jaws of life and airbags to lift the home and free Muoz.

A helicopter landed in a nearby field where Muoz was taken to the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

Muoz's condition was not immediately known but he was expected to be moved from the emergency room to a room.

Witness Accounts

Neighbors told Action 4 News that when the mobile home fell, it made a loud noise and even shook nearby RVs.

Winter Texan Florence Cassidy said neighbors rushed to help and one of them called 911.

Cassidy and others watched as two ambulances, a firetruck and the helicopter arrived.

Neighbors said Muoz was alert and talking when he was taken by the helicopter.

Cassidy said she and her neighbors are glad that the accident wasn't fatal.

"I just pray that he's going to be okay," Cassidy said.

Injured Firefighter

Alton Fire Chief Elias Saldivar told Action 4 News that Muoz is a full-time firefighter with his department.

Chief Saldivar said Muoz had less than two years experience with the agency but reportedly had a side job moving homes.

The chief told Action 4 News is originally from the Chicago area but came down to the Rio Grande Valley where he became a firefighter.

Chief Saldivar said that he and others from the fire department were going to the hospital to support their injured comrade.