Man TMs mysterious envelope causes scare at bus station

Downtown Brownsville bus station

An unusual request from a bus passenger in Brownsville sent police and the hazardous material team to the downtown bus station.

According to Brownsville police, a man in his 60s handed over an envelope to the bus driver as he was getting off the bus, and he asked the driver to deliver it to the federal courthouse.

The incident happened around 10 a.m. The bus driver took no chances with the unusual request and immediately called authorities.

The Brownsville Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team arrived on scene to pick up the envelope and they turned in into police.

Investigators said it was determined no dangerous chemicals were found inside the envelope, and the man who handed over the envelope is being questioned.

They were able to open up the envelope and found a lot of letters address to the federal courthouse. Some of the letters contained information about certain areas where drugs were being sold, nothing threatening, no chemicals," spokesperson for the Brownsville Police Department Billy Kilebrew said.

Police said even though the investigation has not turned up anything immediately threatening or harmful, the bus driver did the right thing in contacting authorities.

At this time, the man who gave the letter to the bus driver is not facing any charges, and police said they are still looking into the case.