Many Valley residents still waiting for their W-2s

The IRS has a hotline for tax help.

It TMs almost mid-February and hundreds of Rio Grande Valley residents are still waiting for their W-2s.

The document is required to fill out a federal income tax return but officials told Action 4 News that employers still have time to mail them out.

Irma Trevino with the IRS TM regional official said taxpayers have until Feb. 17 to wait for the forms to arrive.

"Taxpayers have to be prepared and if they have two or more jobs last year, they need to wait, Trevio said about filing income tax returns.

Trevio said many people have the misconception that all W-2's should arrive at their homes by January 30.

But she said January 30 is actually the deadline for employers to mail them out.

Trevio said Valley residents who do not receive their W-2s may need to take action and ask their employer for a copy.

"You would need to contact your employer and request a copy of the W-2, Trevio said. Chances are that it got lost in the mail."

If that doesn TMt work, Trevio said Valley residents who have not received their W-2s after Feb. 17 can contact the IRS.

When calling, she advises, people need to be prepared when and have a few details handy: name of company they work for, address and telephone number.

Valley residents who already filed their income tax returns but received another W-2 that were unaware of or just forgot about need to file a 1040X or amended tax return.

Trevio said it TMs also wise to wait before you file your taxes to be sure you fill everything out.

"The most common mistakes especially when you like in paper is that taxpayers forget to sign a tax return, she said.

Low-income residents with limited resources can get FREE help filing their taxes.

For more information you can contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.