Maquiladora burned to the ground in Reynosa

      Photo via @ValorTamaulipas on Twitter

      Authorities believe a short-circuit may be responsible for a fire that burned a maquiladora to the ground.

      It all happened at the Banabox factory in the Villa Florida neighborhood on the city TMs westside around 6 p.m. Monday.

      Reynosa TMs El Maana newspaper reported that no injuries were reported but workers had to be evacuated from the facility.

      The factory, located in a neighborhood along on the highway to Anzalduas International Bridge, is used to make cardboard boxes.

      Reynosa residents turned to the social media network Twitter to shares images of the fire.

      A black plume of smoke could be seen across the city.

      According to El Maana, firefighters prevented the fire from spreading but not before the blaze gutted the 300-square foot building.