Marchan leaves behind letters to close friends and family

Body found in the Laguna Madre

Justice of the Peace Benny Ochoa told Action 4 News he had known Ray Marchan for decades.

He said he was a good man and someone he could always count on.

He also confirms Marchan left behind a letter addressed to him and although he says he has not read it, he's looking forward to it to get some answers and closure.

It was a shock, Ochoa said.

There were better times for the two friends who worked together during one of Ochoa TMs re-election bids.

Thursday was a completely different scene, as Ochoa witnessed his friend's body pulled out of the Laguna Madre.

"It was hard, Ochoa said. Really sad."

Ochoa said a letter was found at Marchan's home addressed to him.

He said he's not sure why Marchan would leave him a letter out all the friends he has, but he does want to know what the embattled attorney had to say before he died.

There's one for me and one for Gus Reyna, Ochoa said. I haven TMt read it, but I'm kind of surprised."

Ochoa said he had just seen Marchan about two weeks ago and he had given him good advice that he did not want to share on camera.

He said Marchan showed no signs that he could be planning to take his own life, but apparently he was determined to carry it out.

"When someone has a plan, they TMre not going to tell anyone, Ochoa said. I think he decided just this morning."