Marine home for the holidays feels like celebrity

Lance Corporal Angel Obregon comes home.

Lance Corporal Angel Obregon hasn't been home in more than a year.

Six months ago, he started his first tour of duty in Afghanistan as a radio operator in the Marines.

His family anxiously awaited his arrival.

Tears of joy from the parents of the Edinburg Marine who landed Thursday night in McAllen.

The 20 year old soaked up all the attention from his friends and relatives who waited so long to hug him again.

"(JOEY): How does it feel to be home man?

(OBREGON): Oh it feels really good. It's surreal right now. I've got butterflies for sure. My hands are kind of sweaty," said Obregon.

Obregon left for Afghanistan in March and made it back to California in November for more training.

For his mother Rosario, having him away is a battle she fights at home.

"Not knowing what he's doing, what's happening, It's hard. We're just a close family. It's been really hard," said Rosario.

Just minutes after stepping off the plane, the career military man is already thinking about the comrades he leaves behind in the war zone.

"It's still kind of feels like I haven't left yet. You go in there and do your job. It's nothing really for a marine. Marines know what to do," said Obregon.

He doesn't have any big plans for the holidays.

Being home with guys like his dad Jose is all he wants.

"It's a big void in my heart. It's been filled and I feel complete again," said Jose.

The only thing that matters to him right now is spending time with family who gave him a hero's welcome.

"(Obregon): Kind of feel like one of those celebrities.

(Joey): You are a celebrity.

(Obregon): Laughs."

Up next for the Lance Corporal is more training in California after a two week break.