Marine's shooting rampage near San Angelo hits close to home

Shot fired

The sheriff in San Angelo, Texas is one of the survivors of a shooting rampage.

He is also the father of a former Harlingen City Commissioner.

Former Commissioner Kori Marra went to visit her father and said he is extremely lucky to be alive.

Lance Corporal Esteban Smith is believed to have shot his wife at a North Carolina Hotel.

He then drove about 22 hours into Texas and continued his shooting spree.

Marra said her father, Concho County Sheriff Richard Doane, and other authorities were on the lookout after Smith first opened fire on some unsuspecting motorists in the area.

She said when her father spotted the marine on the highway, he went after him.

The case turned into a close call after Smith allegedly opened fire on Marra TMs father on the highway.

A bullet came in through the patrol car TMs window just as Marra TMs father reached down for his shotgun. She believes this is what might have saved her father TMs life.

The bullet ricocheted off Sheriff Doane TMs left arm and lodged itself in his ear, stopping just short of hitting his brain.

Marra said her father is out of the hospital, but will have permanent damage to his ear.

He is on his third term as sheriff and has no plans to retire.

As for the marine, he was believed to have been shot and killed as a result of authority crossfire.