Mariposa Ranch residents remain in limbo amid flooding

Rain flooded the Valle family's Ford Mustang Wednesday.

"I mean every time it rains, it gets flooded, said David Valle. We have to park all the way on the Expressway, and this time it caught me by surprise.

Valle lives in the Mariposa Ranch subdivision

It TMs in Cameron County between Harlingen and La Feria.

Valle said the Mustang is a total loss, just one more consequence his family didn't expect when moving into the neighborhood.

"I want to raise my family, said Valle. My wife says I'm stubborn, but pretty soon if it happens again, we're probably going to move."

It was only a year ago that the Valle family moved in.

They said no one warned them how bad flooding there can get.

The family's disappointment runs deep.

State funding is set to put more water pumps in low-lying areas like Mariposa Ranch.

When that money makes its way to Cameron County is unknown.

Part of the flooding problem stems from La Feria.

The city is also waiting on funding which was created after Hurricane Dolly hit.

The funding has been held up through a lawsuit in the state of Texas, said La Feria Mayor Steve Brewer. The lawsuit I believe is pretty much settled." The money was supposed to arrive in June.

Now the mayor is crossing his fingers for July.

The Valle family said they've heard the promises before.

They said their best bet is to be better prepared for the next storm.