Massive blaze leaves Los Fresnos family homeless

A Los Fresnos family took drastic measures to escape their burning home.

A pregnant woman jumped out of a window to escape the scorching flames. Ashes and rubble were all that was left of the single family home.

The family of six is now left without a bed to lay their heads on at night and without a house to call home.

The Leos family told Action 4 News they have nowhere to stay and everything their home used to be is gone.

The immense flame engulfed the home off Dawn Avenue in Los Fresnos around midnight.

Jose Leos who is a resident at the home told Action 4 News that his 17-year-old brother saw a light coming from one of the bedrooms.

The 17-year-old went to open the bedroom door to see what the light was when the massive flame ripped through the walls.

Instantly thinking of his family, he alerted them to get out.

We just came to get the water hose, but it was too high. The flames were too big. It was too windy, Leos said.

Leos said his pregnant girlfriend jumped out the window to save her and her unborn child TMs life.

No one was injured during the house fire.

The family is asking the public to reach out and assist them with a donation.

The family is now staying with their friends temporarily.

They currently are in need of clothing after the fire took everything in its path.

The victims of the fire are in need of clothing, food, and blankets.

Maternity clothing is also on the list of prospective donation items.

Donations for the 19-year-old man and 23-year-old woman are being taken.

If anyone would like to help they are being asked to call 956-203-3292.

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