Massive fire outside tire recycling plant in Harlingen

Plumes of black smoke covered portions of Harlingen following a massive fire on city TMs east side.

Authorities told Action 4 News that three 18-wheeler trailers are on fire behind a tire recycling center off East Grimes Avenue.

No injuries were reported while the exact cause of the fire remains unknown at this time.

But Harlignen Fire Marshall Danny Warner said the fire started in one of the trailers and spread to the other two.

Firefighters are using strategic methods to attack the fire at all angles, because at least one trailer is complete engulfed flames.

The fire was contained to the trailers in the shipping yard and did not spread to the recycling plant building or surrounding area.

Dozens of calls flooded the Action 4 Newsroom.

Many viewers looking for directions to the fire, so they could go and see the smoke as far away as Mercedes.

Investigators are urging all onlookers to stay away from the area as they fight the flames, and try and figure out exactly what caused this incident.