Matamoros travel warning ~was credible TM: Barkin

According to the most recent travel warning issued by the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, the violence across the border from the Rio Grande Valley has "risen dramatically since February 2010.""We rely upon a variety of sources in the U.S. and Mexico, U.S. Consul Michael Barkin said. I can TMt really go into detail but we talk to a lot of different people."On Friday, they issued a warning stating they received credible information about a potential gunfight in Matamoros.The weekend passed, but there were no reports of any shootouts, as the consulate TMs message warned."The info was credible, Barkin countered. We're very happy that in fact it was not more additional violence in Matamoros."He said they cannot predict the future, so they must act on the information they receive from their sources."It TMs our obligation to know what the security situation is and, particularly, to take care of American citizens that might be affected by it."The latest warning urges U.S. employees and their families to avoid casinos and adult clubs, in light of the deadly attack in Monterrey, and grenade attacks on casinos in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.