McAllen area ranked one of the worst cities for allergy suffers

The valley is in peak allergy season.

In fact, once again, the McAllen area is ranked as one of the worst U.S. cities for allergy suffers. There are some simple steps to avoid symptoms.

Allergist Dr. William McKenna says up to 30 percent of the residents in the valley suffer from allergies.

He said there are ways to ease the symptoms.

If you are a major suffer, limit your time outdoors.

Mowing your lawn could also trigger symptoms as will dusting your home.

So, wear a mask when possible. Those who spend most of their time outdoors can also experience symptoms.

Dr. Mckenna recommends taking your medication at the first sign.

Allergist Dr. William McKenna said lots of wind and plants that are pollinating so when you combine the pollens from allergens with the winds kicking up a lot of particles and dirt dust, that places kind of like a double trouble for patients in the valley.

Common allergy symptoms include sneezing runny and itchy nose, itchy watery eyes and irritated throat. If you don't take care of symptoms, Dr. Mckenna said you could cause an infection.

Another remedy Dr. Mckenna said is to take a ride to the beach. He said the breeze of the water and lack of pollens helps relieve allergy symptoms.