McAllen Boys & Girls Club gets $5.3 million

Any given day you can walk into a Boys and Girls Club in McAllen and see hundreds of children.

"The Boys and Girls Club of McAllen has over 13,000 kids and 14 different sights."

The club allows children the chance to clown around and expand their minds...but all of this cost money and thanks to a $5.3 million dollar grant from 21st century C-L-C's grant program the organization can continue helping these 'at risk kids.'

"We have a big reach to expand and help 'at risk kids' truly is academically successful."

One way they do this is by offering a mentoring program.

"We find that when kids have a mentor attached to them and asking what is going on at school and what who they're hanging out with we see juvenile justice and academic success cause someone is checking up on the homework and making sure they're going to school."

Statistics show that 50 percent of minority children won't graduate high school....something Laura said is disturbing.

"We should be outraged by that and it requires a really targeted response."

Grants coordinator and mentor, Daisy Hinojosa, says there's nothing more rewarding than seeing the smiles on her kids faces when they succeed.

"Just coming into the club and having the kids say your name and just coming into the club and tell you a problem that they can't confided in their parents is an awesome feeling and it's rewarding."

The 5.3 million dollars will be distributed over a five year period.