McAllen chase ends three cities away in Alamo

Photo submitted by Pedro Barrera via Facebook

Three men are behind bars following a chase that started in the streets of McAllen ended three cities away in Alamo.

It all started on the 900 block of West Wichita Avenue on McAllen's southside around 11:20 a.m. Monday.

McAllen police said an officer stopped to help two men outside a stalled car on the roadway.

The men ran into a blue Ford Escape and the SUV sped off.

Investigators said that the driver of the Ford Escape tried to run over the officer.

The SUV drove onto Expressway 83 where a chase went through Pharr and San Juan but ended in a neighborhood off Tower Road in Alamo.

It's not clear why the men ran but investigators found guns, ammunition, drugs and ski masks inside the blue SUV.

The identities of the three men arrrested have not been released but they are all expected to face criminal charges.