McAllen children's cancer clinic could win $150,000 on game show

A children TMs cancer clinic in McAllen could receive a $150,000 dollar donation but it all depends on the performance of a Tejano star.

Singer Bobby Pulido is in the national spotlight after he decided to put down his instruments and pick up a pair of dance shoes.

Tejano singer Bobby Pulido is performing on the Spanish-language game show Mira Quien Baila or Looks Who TMs Dancing in English.

Pulido is competing to win $150,000 dollars for the Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer and Hematology Clinic in McAllen.

Vannie E. Cook

Victoria Martinez with the clinic told Action 4 News the Tejano singer has helped the clinic for years and has a special group of fans there.

He heard about a patient here who wanted to meet him and came here on his own, Martinez said. He met with boy. Gave him CD's and Pulido says he's hoping for support of the valley at voting time...even sang with him. It's really made that child's day."

The clinic provides leukemia, cancer and other treatment to children regardless of income.

Martinez said the clinic will put the money to good use.

We could really use that money to treat cancer patients and blood disorders right here in the Valley, she said.

Bobby In Miami

Pulido is one of ten contestants on the Miami-based game show where he faces strong competition.

Both singer Henry Santos and comedian Fernando Arau are already emerging has strong competition on the show.

But Edinburg native said none of the contestants wants the prize as much as he does.

No one has more corazon than I do, Pulido said.

Pulido said that he TMs been practicing every day to stay out of the bottom two spots and face elimination in the competition.

But if he comes up for a vote, Pulido said he's hoping for support of the entire Rio Grande Valle to save him.

It TMs like during the horse race, Pulido said in a telephone interview from Miami. The lead horse at the beginning of the race never wins. It TMs the horse in third or fourth place that comes from behind and wins it.

How To Vote

Eliminations on the show do not begin for another two weeks but fans will be allowed to vote to keep contestants on the show.

According to Univision, there are three ways to vote for contestants on Mira Quien Baila:

Toll-free number offered during the show Text message options offered during the show's mobile website

There will be special votes held between now and when the elimination period starts.

Puldo but was not featured in a special vote during the debut episode on Sunday evening.