McAllen doctor wants neighboring abortion clinic shut down

Dr. Juan Campos

Dr. Juan Campos supports the Texas bill to restrict abortion practices, but wants it banned altogether.

He has been a physician in McAllen for 38 years and still sees patients at his office, The Master's Clinic, off Main Street.

About 10 years ago, another clinic opened right next door and he's made it his mission to make the employees and clients there very uncomfortable.

Dr. Campos has delivered more than 8,000 babies in his career and says the Whole Woman's Health Clinic represents everything he is against.

"I am pro-life, Campos said. I've very passionate about children. I have four grandchildren and it's terrible what they do."

If you ask his patients about his bedside manner, they are sure to give him rave reviews, but his neighbors are probably not happy about the signs posted on the exterior wall of his clinic pointing out exactly where abortions occur.

Pro-choice advocates have expressed their disdain.

"I've had three occasions where someone threw rocks at windows and broke my windows," Campos said.

But that didn't discourage him.

"We don't let them park in our parking lots, Campos said. My brother has a business next door and the doctor across the street won TMt let them park there either so they have to go somewhere else, we push them out because it's not right for them to do what they are doing."

A fence is all that physically separates the two institutions. The abortion clinic on one side and the "anti-abortion" clinic on the other.

Dr. Campos said when a woman mistakenly walks into his office he tries to change her mind.

"It's an opportunity to stop them, Campos said. We get the people protesting to come in to take them to another place to help them not abort."

Dr. Campos stands behind the bill that requires doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, only allow abortions in surgical centers and ban abortions after 20 weeks, but if it were up to him, abortion would be banned.

He anticipates it's full passage on Friday and wants the people on the other side of the fence out.

"Close it down regardless if they pass the law or not. If I go to heaven and they are going to ask me what I did for our children? It's going to be a terrible thing if I say I didn't do anything, Campos said. I didn't want to get involved."

When Action 4 News spoke to administrators at Whole Woman's Health Clinic, they said if the bill passes they may be forced to shut down and women seeking abortions would have to travel outside of the