McAllen family recounts attorney's car crashing into their home

A prominent McAllen defense attorney found himself on the other side of the law.

He's accused of drinking and driving and then crashing his car into a home.

Well-known defense attorney Al Alvarez is out on a personal recognizance bond.

Homeowner Idania Monforte said they're angry that he could be so irresponsible.

Monforte said she feels lucky that she, her husband and their baby were not injured after Alvarez's Mercedes Benz crashed into her bedroom.

"If we would have been here just a little longer he could have killed us," she said.

She said the well-known attorney his car into her home just seconds after she and her family walked out of the room.

"We're very angry, and we just think it's not fair that you know things like this happen," said Monforte.

The McAllen Police Department confirmed Alvarez was booked into the city jail on a DWI charge late Tuesday night.

Police said Alvarez appeared to be intoxicated when he crashed his car into this home on the 3600 block of Northwestern Street around 8:30 Tuesday night.

Skid marks and pieces of the car were left behind in the direction of the Monforte's home.

"We think he's a very irresponsible very irresponsible man, and he could have killed us," she said.

Paul Cuellar said he saw it happen.

"It wasn't just like the front end inside the room. It was the entire car inside the house and it looked like it kind of jumped on something maybe on the bed because it wasn't touching the ground. It was elevated," he said.

Although no one was injured, it's a scare that Monforte said she hopes she can overcome.

"We kept thinking about what could have happened, but we're just happy it just didn't," said Monforte.

Monforte said she hopes her family can fix up the home and move out because she said after what happened here, she won't be able to sleep in that bedroom ever again.

As it turns out, Alvarez is no stranger to the police.

Alamo police arrested him earlier this month in a harrasment case where he allegedly sent text messages to his estranged wife's new romantic interest.