McAllen Federation of Teachers wins lawsuit

It's been a five year long battle.

"We filed the grievance in regard to STEP money."

But now the McAllen American Federation of Teachers has something to celebrate.

Ruth Skow runs the AFT and filed the lawsuit on behalf of more than 300 teachers and librarians who work for McAllen ISD and were not paid extra for their time served over a couple of years.

"They work hard and love the children."

They did win the money they were owed, but not all of it.

"We only won half of the lawsuit, about $200,000. If it had been the full two years it would be $700,000."

Skow says teachers and other faculty with the McAllen AFT have already started receiving their checks, some for a couple of hundred dollars and other for several thousand dollars.

"We didn't win the lottery we got what we deserved."

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