McAllen fire trucks cleared by FAA

McAllen/Miller International Airport

An annual inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) found two McAllen Fire Department trucks did not meet FAA criteria. It was an issue that was cleared up in about 15 to 20 minutes, and involved two of the trucks water nozzles and their spraying capacity.

McAllen Interim Fire Chief Rafael Balderas said the FAA comes in once a year to check all equipment used in the event there is an emergency at McAllen/Miller International Airport.

Balderas said while checking the water nozzles, they noticed that two of them wouldn't produce a full fog.

This type of spraying would protect the fire trucks from the heat of a fire.

He said they called out the mechanic, greased up the nozzle and within 15 minutes both nozzles were fixed and cleared by the FAA.

Action 4 news also spoke to the McAllen airport and they said the airport was not closed during this time, however they did have to notify the airlines of the situations.

All has been resolved.