McAllen flea market raid ends with 9 arrested, seized DVDs & CDs

McAllen polcie arrested nine people for pirate DVDs and CDs at a flea market on South 23rd Street over the weekend.

Some nine people are behind bars after a raid at a flea market in McAllen ended with the seizure of 65,000 pirate DVDs and CDs.

It all happened at the South 23rd Street flea market on Saturday.

McAllen police told Action 4 News the following nine suspects were arrested on state labeling charges:

Maria Guadalupe Tovar Mario Alberto Orduna Emerson Isaac Hernandez Reymundo Arturo Narvaez Marlon (Rapalo) Gallegos Juan Ricardo Lopez Juan Antonio Centeno Armando Amaya Jose Manuel Paz

Tovar, Orduna and Hernandez were issued $1,500 dollar bonds on Sunday while the others each issued $15,000 dollar bonds.

Investigators told Action 4 News that police seized pirate DVDs, CDs and the machines used to make them.

McAllen police had arrested Yasmin Alesandra Chaparro on state labeling charges just a few days before the flea market raid.