McAllen girl fight video prompts debate about 17th Street safety

A group of young girls dragging each other by their hair, punching and kicking repeatedly while spectators stand around the makeshift gladiator ring.

It's a very different view of what the entertainment district of downtown McAllen looks like by day.

At night, the gloves are off.

This girl on girl fight scene was witnessed this past weekend outside of a night club on 17th Street.

An attack made very public in a video posted on Youtube.

Its one of several violent outbreaks in the area.

"Once you get to drinking, things can happen, said Ruben Rincones, a resident of McAllen.

It's not just fights raising concerns.

Several arrests for stabbings and underage drinking is raising red flags and fear too.

"Clubs let a lot of minors in. It's bad because you get a lot of drunk people, said Blanca Rodriguez.

McAllen City Manager Mike Perez says the problems on 17th street are no different than those in other cities entertainment districts.

"You're talking about the warehouse district in Dallas or sixth street in Austin you're going to have things happen like we did a few days ago," Perez said.

The police department says problems are bound to arise when you mix alcohol with more than 4,000 people.

Those who work and party downtown, want to see more done for their protection.

"They really should step up their security and pat everyone down, added Ruben.

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