McAllen hail storm damage adding up

A massive hail storm left many McAllen homes flooded and city crews working around the clock to get the city back up and running.

Some two weeks later, city officials are estimating the damages to be in the thousands.

They say 1,062 homes, 63 businesses, and 26 city facilities sustained damage during the storm.

Well over 5,000 people lost power on the night of the storm.

Officials have already spent $90,000 dollars on traffic signals and $187,000 on debris removal.

In the week it took for workers to clean up most of the debris, they collected over 40,000 cubic yards.

That TMs double the amount the city usually collects in a month.

In addition to those costs, the McAllen Fire Department had two fire engines, two ladder trucks and one command vehicle damaged by hail.

Department officials said 80 percent of their calls, during the storm, were from people needing to be rescued.

City officials also told Action 4 News that numerous police patrol cars were damaged during the storm.

McAllen officials spent over $12,000 dollars in overtime for police officers.