McAllen home owner tells all about surviving monstrous tornado

Oklahoma devastation

The wounds are still fresh for those living in Moore, Okla.

Three days ago an F5 tornado ripped through the town, leaving nothing but devastation behind.

Lynn Wright was a survivor of the tornado.

She fights to hold back tears as she remembers Monday afternoon.

She and her husband, who have a home in Moore and in McAllen, made the difficult decision to leave their home after hearing the blaring sirens.

It is a decision that almost put her face to face with a killer.

I rolled down the window and looked over my shoulder and that TMs when I saw the big black tornado over the hill coming at us, she said.

Wright was able to escape the grasp of the monster storm, but many others were not so lucky.

My nephew came back later that afternoon and says he saw people walking around that had two-by-fours impaled and other pieces of metal sticking out of their bodies, Wright said.

Looking back, she wonders what would have happened if they would have waited just a few seconds more to leave their home.

She said she cannot dwell on the past and must focus on the future.

Now, she will focus on helping her neighbors rebuild their lives one step at a time.