McAllen homeowner stands against Prop 1

Wildlife park

McAllen voters are hitting the polls during early voting and one thing on the ballot has some residents pitted against city leaders.

Proposition 1 is part of the 2013 bond election and has a list of street improvements.

Jeff Alger grew up in McAllen and is against the proposition because one of the street extensions from Ware road to Bentsen road would cut between Nature Center, also known as the Botanical Garden and Westside Park.

A previous mayor tried to sell the area three years ago to build a sports complex, but residents turned out in overwhelming numbers against the measure.

"It was a great learning lesson for all of us, Commissioner Scott Crain said. We didn TMt realize how precious that area was to many people so we completely abandoned that vision for the Nature Center."

Alger was one of the residents against the proposition.

Now he is using the same sign he used three years ago to show his opposition to the cities plans to build a road between the Nature Center and the park.

"We are recycling the sign, and we are also saying we fought this three years ago and here we are again fighting for the park," he said.

Crane said the road is merely an effort to give more people access to the green space.

Relocating the entrance from Business 83 to Erie, it will become much more visible to the retail area of the McAllen Convention Center, he said Hopefully that will draw more people in."

But Alger believes it is another attempt to develop the land and sides with the Sierra Club who TMs leaders said the road will harm wildlife.

Alger also thinks it is unfair to tax property owners for the road when everyone will benefit from it.

"We are already facing a tax hike through STC, they are also targeting home owners and there is only so much they can absorb," he said.

Voting no on Prop 1 would not only kill the extension of Erie through the Nature Center and the park, it would also kill other road projects, but Alger believes it is the right thing to do.

The road extension will cost $2 million out of the $15 million needed to fund Prop 1.