McAllen ISD saves money with 'teacher-led sessions'

As McAllen ISD got wind of public education cuts, they were forced to save money from every corner.

One easy way they decided to snip was by not hiring a special speaker for the beginning of the school year and have teacher led sessions instead.

"We're spending 20 percent of what we would have spent if we brought in a speaker," said Cynthia Saldivar with McAllen ISD.

Saldivar said it costs around $10,000 to $12,000 dollars to pay for a speaker, plus their air fare and the facility to house the teachers from the whole district for the lecture.

This year, the district scheduled sessions in each classroom at McAllen High, and teachers, instead of lecturers lead the sessions.

These teachers will start the school year off with more than 200 hands on activites to choose from to incorporate in the classroom on a variety of 60 topics.