McAllen kidnapping suspect finally captured

A kidnapping suspect who has eluded authorities for more than a week has finally been captured.

The suspect only known as Chacho and two other men were arrested late Wednesday night in Pharr near El Dora Estates by McAllen Police detectives assigned to the case.

Detectives had worked tirelessly tried to solve the case, and finally caught a break early when a vehicle linked to the case was found Wednesday leading them to their final suspect, Chacho.

The Cadillac Escalade came back stolen from Plane, Texas Lt. Joel Morales said.

Officers and investigators assigned to the case uncovered numerous clues that led them to El Dora Estates.

Chacho" fled from police Lt. Joel Morales said, but would not elaborate.

Sources told Action 4 News another tip led detectives to a junk yard on Dickers and 10th Street where the alleged kidnapping suspect was found ~hiding.

Unconfirmed reports say surveillance cameras caught the suspect running into the junk yard, and the video tape lead them right to where the suspect was hiding.

Police said Chacho is wanted for kidnapping and beating a 19-year-old Roma man and holding him for ransom last Thursday.

So far, a total of eight suspects have been arrested in this case.

Police are not saying how the two men arrested with "Chacho" last night are linked to the case.

On Thursday at 1:30pm, McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez will hold a news conference to provide more insight into the case and commend the work of the officers involved in solving the case.