McAllen kidnappings on the rise

Illegal immigrants and drugs continue to make their way to the United States. As security along the border gets tighter, after violence in Mexico becomes more of a threat, cartels will find new ways to get their loads across.

"Cartels looked at other avenues to get their money, said Jorge Cisneros with the McAllen FBI.

To get their money, cartels will send people over to kidnap those that owe.

We want to make sure the public knows that the 2009 kidnappings were mostly drug related," said Cisneros.

Numbers show that between October 2008 and September 2009 there were 42 reported kidnappings in McAllen.

The year before there were only 11 reported kidnappings.

"These are kidnappings that had to do with people that were involved with drug trafficking, human smuggling and currency trafficking," said Cisneros.

Cisneros said at the time of the increased kidnappings there was also a different cartel leader in Reynosa.

"That's another factor that played into the large number of kidnappings for that year," said Cisneros.

To help control these rising numbers the FBI has a safe streets task force that is strictly targeted to this type of activity.

"It's comprised of local, state, and federal officials, said Cisneros. They go after these kidnapping cells and I think that they've made a big difference."

Cisneros said they do not consider this spillover.