McAllen man accused of running real estate scheme in Florida

Ricardo Wright

A man involved in a Florida real estate scheme was tracked down to his McAllen apartment.

On Thursday, Ricardo Wright was taken into custody on a warrant for larceny.

The 35-year-old was wanted for selling two foreclosed homes and collecting thousands of dollars in down payments, closing costs, monthly payments and insurance policies, according to authorities.

Wright operated under the name of David Smith amid the scheme.

The case began in July 2012 after a woman reported that she had moved into a foreclosed property.

She told authorities she had responded to an online advertisement by David Smith, who said he worked for WDIL Holdings in New York.

The woman said she was faxed a contract and purchased the home for $42,500 from the agency. She purchased homeowners insurance and said she event sent a $10,000 down payment via wire transfer and monthly payments.

Detective Todd Tucker of the Marion County Sheriff TMs Office said another man bought a foreclosed property in the area from David Smith through an online auction. But a representative of the auction company said they do not do online auctions on foreclosed properties.

Two other victims told authorities they were interested in the same home David Smith was selling online. Both victims were told they could buy the home from WDIL Holdings for $61,500, so they wired $15,000 to the agency.

Through a passport, legal documents and photos, officials were able to link Wright to these fraudulent cases.