McAllen man goes missing in pot farming community

Neal King went missing in Chico, California

A McAllen mother said she will never stop searching for her missing son Neal King.

A mother is just driven, I just can TMt stop, Gayle King said.

Neal went missing on March 26th near Chico, California.

Authorities believe he disappeared after he was trying to work out a property deal with a local man.

They never led me to believe there is hope, Gayle said. They (investigators) came right out and said we think this is foul play.

Gayle has traveled to the area where Neal was last seen several times over the past 9 months.

The trips, billboards and private investigators she TMs hired have cost her thousands of dollars.

Now days before Christmas, Butte County investigators received an anonymous tip that Neal TMs body was in Lake Oroville, a nearby lake.

Wednesday, investigators from several area counties worked together to search a portion of the lake.

They came up empty handed.

Neal is a McAllen native who many would call a dreamer.

He moved with his girlfriend to California to pursue a dream of farming marijuana.

Marijuana is legal in California and is sold as a medicine to treat symptoms of disease and illness.

That TMs what enticed him up there, that TMs why he went, Gayle said.

His girlfriend Jenny Tully lived with Neal for 3 years in Chico.

She was with him the day he went missing.

She and Neal went to an area known as Berry Creek.

Neal planned to meet with Don Cheatham, a well known man in that area.

The meeting ran long and Tully became worried.

Around 7 o TMclock, (I thought) something was wrong, he didn TMt answer, he didn TMt respond to my text messages, he didn TMt call, she said.

She drove by Cheatham TMs home and saw Neal TMs vehicle parked outside.

Two days later she finally called police.

I just want to know what happened to him, Tully said. I lived with the man day in and day out. I knew his habits, I just can TMt wrap my head around what went wrong.

Since Neal TMs disappearance, Cheatham has been questioned and no charges have been brought against him.

All Gayle and Tully want is closure.

To know if Neal is truly gone, and if someone hurt him.