McAllen man jailed in girl's death gets visitation of his son in jail

Charslene Gamez has been fighting a number of battles since losing her 2-year-old daughter in June. Her common-law husband, Hector Castro, was charged with murdering his stepdaughter during a World Cup soccer game. McAllen police alleged Castro killed her for interrupting the game while crying. The little girl was beaten and suffocated, according to court documents. Gamez is fighting to get a judge's order reversed that grants Castro visitation with their 1-year-old son. "He's gonna see his child in jail after he murdered my child and now he's gonna see his child and I don't think that's right," she said. The judge TMs order grants Castro visitation once a month for 1 hour under supervision while behind bars, according to Gamez. And while she knows he's innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, she wants to see him executed. "He didn't pass a lie detector test, she said. The way he was acting... I just don't want him to see his child... It's a big risk for him to see his child even if it's supervised." The little boy and three other children from a different father are all in foster care. Gamez said Child Protective Services (CPS) removed them for failure to provide adequate supervision the day of the murder. While she is not charged with a crime in the case, Gamez admits CPS has investigated her before. I really don't care what people think," Gamez said. Her priority continues to be centered around protecting her kids from a man who she believes is a murderer. Castro is jailed on a $1,000,000 bond.