McAllen man missing after being released from mental facility

Aaron Cantu // Harlingen Police Department photo release

A McAllen man is missing after being released from a state facility in Harlingen.

Aaron Cantu was last seen at the Rio Grande State Center on Rangerville Road in Harlingen.

Harlingen police said Cantu TMs family is worried about him as he suffers from health issues.

Cantu is 28-years-old, is light-complected and weighs around 145 pounds.

He was last seen wearing a white shirt with the sleeves cut off, white basketball shorts and gray Fila tennis shoes.

The McAllen man has brown eyes, light brown hair, but he recently shaved his head.

He could have a beard, according to Harlingen police.

If you have any information on Cantu TMs whereabouts, contact the Harlingen Police Department or your local law enforcement agency.

Harlingen police can be reached at (956) 216-5402.