McAllen man shot by police charged for attacking officers

Carlos Humberto Esquivel

A man who was shot by a McAllen Police officer during a domestic disturbance is out the hospital now facing criminal charges.

Carlos Humberto Esquivel faced a judge on four counts of aggravated assault of a public servant during a Saturday arraignment.

The 47-year-old McAllen man remains in custody under $415,000 in bonds.

Officer Richard Villareal shot him in the chest, after they responded to the domestic dispute on West Redwood Avenue on January 31.

The four charges stem from the number of McAllen police officers that were on scene when Esquivel allegedly charged towards them with two butcher knives in hand.

According to McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez, they responded to a call from Esquivel TMs stepdaughter about an argument between him and her mother.

When police arrived, the mother came to the door and officers took her out to safety.

Chief Rodriguez said that TMs when Esquivel charged towards them with knives in hand.

He added that officers asked Esquivel at least 12 times to put down the knives before firing at him, but he refused.

Police said the officer who fired the shot has not been put on administrative leave because he fired in self defense.

Esquivel was taken to the hospital but was released last week and transported to the city jail.

The bonds were set at $100,000 dollars for each of the four counts of aggravated assault, and a $15,000 for the assault.