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      McAllen man wanted for mini-crime spree

      Joshua Dennett // McAllen Police Department Photo

      Authorities are looking for a McAllen man following a mini-crime spree that took place on the city TMs eastside.

      McAllen police said authorities have issued multiple arrests warrants for 33-year-old Joshua Dennett.

      The McAllen man is wanted on burglary, auto theft and auto burglary charges.

      The mini-crime stopped happened on the 1400 block of East Tamarack Avenue back in August.

      Investigators linked Dennett as the suspect.

      Dennett is described as a Hispanic male with black hair, brown eyes, 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 180 pounds.

      Anyone with information is asked to call McAllen Crime Stoppers at (956) 687-TIPS or (956) 687-8477.