McAllen mayor speaks out on border violence

As violence continues to heat up, it seems so will the intense coverage from media outlets big and small.McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez told Action 4 news the city has seen the negative effects from this coverage. "School districts refuse to send their children over here because of fear that violence may occur, said Cortez. Parents may not want to come because of the misconception that coming to a border city is a dangerous thing." He said, for people who have never visited the Valley, they do not realize that McAllen is a growing city.

Now only that it has also been ranked number 12 as one of the safest cities in the nation.

"How many people are going to read a story like that versus, "Oh my God someone threw a grenade across the street, said Cortez. That's what people would rather read about."

Cortez said, no matter how safe the city is, They still write a story in a way they came to write a story, the bad side of the story.

Despite having to overcome the violence Cortez said that McAllen is continuing to do well.