McAllen meeting seeking protection for family owned pharmacies

Family owned pharmacies not getting enough from Medicaid

Family owned pharmacies such as Muniz Rio Grande Pharmacy are struggling to keep their doors open.

Since March 1st of this year, Bobby Muniz says pharmacies like his have been devastated due to Medicaid reimbursement cuts.

" The reimbursement rates that I'm seeing are two dollars, a dollar fifty, sometimes zero. If I don't get reimbursed correctly, at least $12.50, I'm losing money," said Muniz.

A meeting on Thursday night at the McAllen Convention Center sought to fight for more funds for these independently owned pharmacies.

Members of congress as well as American Pharmacies are fighting to protect and promote the success of independent pharmacies.

They said that the elimination of these businesses could devastate community-pharmacy relations.

Both Congressman Ruben Hinojosa and Laird Leavoy with American Pharmacies say that losing those small, home-grown pharmacies like Rio Grande in Harlingen will leave the residents who are most in need of their services, with nowhere to turn.

In Muniz TMs case, several pharmacists in the family will be out of a job.

Hundreds of people attended the event in McAllen tonight.

If you have an opinion about this issue you are urged to contact your local congressman.