McAllen neighbors still upset with Ponce General Contractors: Job still undone

This McAllen woman hired Ponce General Contractors to clean the mess a hail storm left behind.

Instead, she says they turned her home into a dump.

According to the woman, Ponce promised to start fixing her roof on April 3rd.

It's just been going on and on. And for three weeks they didn't touch the roof. I called them and said what's going on?" said the woman. She says she paid Ponce to finish the job, showing proof of the signed contract and check stubs. .

"My roof was leaking more, and I had a lot of stains. I called him up, he was like ~oh I'll go cover up the roof, TM but they only covered half," said the woman.

Rick Michelena lives next door and had originally hired Ponce as well. But after becoming fed up with the contractor not doing his job, Michelena opted for another company that finished his roof in just days.

"In three days, Monday Tuesday Wednesday, well you can see the end product. And it's perfectly installed."

The Better Business Bureau says they have notified Ponce about the complaints, but he has yet to address them. "We've sent him a follow up letter letting him know we have not received a response from you. We need a response from you, said Dolores Salinas, president of the Better Business Bureau.

Raul Ponce spoke to us over the phone saying the woman needs to pay for the roofing materials, an additional price that she says was not specified in the original contract.

His workers ran from our cameras and wouldn't give us a reason as to why the jobs are still incomplete.

"The bottom line is every person in this neighborhood was promised a house at a certain price, and none of it has been delivered," said Michelena

McAllen police have confirmed that an incident report was filed against Raul Ponce and his contracting business on June 6. The case remains under investigation.

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