McAllen prepares for New Year's celebration

The McAllen Traffic Department spent Tuesday putting the finishing touches to this year New Year's Eve celebration.

Crews will be installing over 700 light bulbs on the New Year TMs Eve ball.

After it's all finished, it should be 15 feet in diameter and weigh about 3,000 pounds.

This year, it take an extra big crane in order to drop the ball from over 200-feet in the air.

More than 15,000 people attended the event last year.

City officials told Action 4 News that their goal is to make this year's bash bigger and better than last year TMs.

Organizers expect to have 40 food booths, live music, carnival attractions and two free park-and-rides service available.

The park-and-ride service will run from the old Civic Center and the old Wal-Mart.

New Year TMs Eve Schedule

Time Stage 1 Stage 2 7:00 pm Event Begins Event Begins 7:15 pm Dulce Break 7:30 pm Welcome-Mayor and Alida Welcome shown on screens 7:45 pm Dulce Frontera Jazz Quartet 8:00 pm Chris Marshall Frontera Jazz Quartet 8:15 pm Chris Marshall Break 8:30 pm Chris Marshall Break 8:45 pm Chris Marshall Break 9:00 pm Break Highway 7 9:15 pm Break Highway 7 9:30 pm Break Highway 7 9:45 pm Manhattan Break 10:00 pm Manhattan IN and OUT 10:15 pm Manhattan IN and OUT 10:30 pm Manhattan IN and OUT 10:45 pm Break IN and OUT 11:00 pm Break Bombasta 11:15 pm Manhattan Bombasta 11:30 pm Manhattan Bombasta 11:45 pm Manhattan Break 12:00 am BALL DROP BALL DROP shown on screens 12:15 am Manhattan Bombasta 12:30 am Manhattan Bombasta